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“7 Powerful Tactics To Promote Any Affiliate Program Instantly

Clay Mabbitt

How to Review an Affiliate Program

October 26, 2003

So you've decided to write a review of an affiliate program. What should
your review include? The focus of your writing should be information that
will help readers decide whether or not to participate in the affiliate
program. Everyone has a different opinion on the key indicators of a
quality program, but there are a few questions that almost anyone will
ask when investigating an affiliate opportunity.

Will I make money with this program?
A truly valuable review will give the reader an accurate impression of
what a participant would have to do to experience success with an
affiliate program. If the product only appeals to a small, hard to reach
market and will require extensive time and money invested into
advertising, a potential affiliate will want to know. Does the company
rely strictly on their network of affiliates to attract customers, or
will someone who joins the program have to find ways to compete against a
large company-sponsored advertising campaign in addition to other

How much money will I make?
Several factors determine the amount of income an affiliate can earn with
a program. Are you selling a subscription service (such as website
membership) or a consumable product (such as disposable contact lenses)
that means repeat purchases and a more reliable income source? Does the
company track repeat customers by storing your affiliate referral id with
the customer's record in the database, or do they use the less reliable
method of placing a cookie on the customer's computer?

Is this a fly-by-night operation?
Another concern of affiliates is how long the program will be around.
There's nothing more discouraging than investing the necessary time to
build a customer base and downline just to have the company go belly-up.
If you have noticed indicators of a program's long-term success or
failure, people who read your review would benefit from your insight.
Even if you aren't 100% sure that a company will succeed or fail, it's
appropriate to include educated guesses as long as you explain your

Why should I choose this opportunity over that one?
It can also be helpful to discuss how this opportunity matches up against
similar programs. In this case "similar programs" refers to programs that
provide comparable products or services as opposed to programs with
comparable compensation plans.

A final consideration of your review may be length. Some people prefer to
read detailed reviews that delve into every aspect of a company. Others
prefer to read short reviews that highlight only the most noteworthy pros
and cons. Both style have supporters and can result in quality reviews.
The important thing is to share information that you found helpful when
you were evaluating the program.

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A Newbie Guide - The Absolute Truth About Internet Marketing

Can I Make Money Online With The Adsense Program?

Sure you can. If you will learn how many other people make money online
with Adsense, I mean really study how and ask a lot of questions on
marketing forums, there is no reason in the world you cannot make money
with the Adsense program.

Before starting to develop this opportunity to make money online you need
to understand some basic things about Adsense. I will outline some
benefits and disadvantages about Adsense here.

Let's start with the Adsense benefits:

You don't have to pay a fee to use this program. You can apply for free.

You can join the Adsense program very easy. After you are accepted into
the program you just have to paste a bit of code into your pages.

Because of their method to identify what a page is all about you don't
have to spend time finding advertisers, they will place on your page the
exact advertisers you need.

If you own a really big network of sites, you don't have to apply for
each of them. Just apply once and use the same code on every site.

And many other benefits but let's take a look at the disadvantages too:

The biggest disadvantage that most users report is that the stats Google
supplies are inadequate. Even if they're very easy to understand they
don't tell you which ads people are clicking on, or which keywords are
involved. That's very frustrating.

The minimum payout is $100, users that have sites which don't receive
much traffic say that it's too high. If you plan on doing from adsense a
successful business. don't worry about this.

If you want to display adsense ads you may not display other text based
ads on the same page with them. When you apply humans will check your
site for approval, if you are rejected just try to understand why they
did, fix it and appeal again.

You will never know how much from the amount that advertisers pay you
will receive. You will just receive an unknown percentage from that

With this benefits and disadvantages in mind you can now start to learn
all the inside secrets of adsense and develop a real online business. You
can start doing so by reading about it on major make money online forums,
tring to understand all there's about it many users discuss this topic
very deep.

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100 Visitors

3 Things All Affiliate Marketers Need To Survive Online

By Norleen Gray Gray [ 25/02/2006 ]
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The Truth about Google’s Adsense affiliate program.

Go Niche!

May 30, 2003

One way to guarantee failure of your Internet business is
to try to be everything to everybody.

Unless your pockets are incredibly deep, the broadbrush or
'mall' approach won't work for your small business. The cost
to advertise to people across a large number of interest
categories is prohibitive; and untargetted, unfocused
visitors don't buy products.

To attract focused, interested visitors, you yourself must
become focused and interested in your subject matter.

First you pick a topic, and then refine it. And then you
refine it some more. And some more.

Let's say that you're a sports enthusiast.

You know that millions of people are also interested in
sports, and you'd be willing to bet that 'sports' would be a
lucrative niche and search term to advertise, right? Well,
you're right on the first count, but you'd lose money on

Let's check out the demand using Overture's search term
suggestion tool:


Although Overture reported over 800,000 searches for the
term 'sports' in April 2003, and you can have the top
listing for the term for a 'mere' 21 cents, how many sales
might you expect to generate with that popular term?

Not many!

Even if only one percent of that 800,000 searchers visited
your site, and you had the top listing at twenty-one cents,
my guess is that you just wasted $1,680.00. The term 'sports'
is just too unspecific.

If while doing keyword research using the search term
suggestion tool at Overture, you looked one line below
'sports', you'd see that the second entry is 'sports car'
with more almost 200 hundred thousand searches, or one
quarter of all the searches that included the term 'sports'.

The key is to find what people want, and then give it to
them. Simple, eh?

So let's take your interest in sports a step further and
define it as particular interest in the spectator sports;
baseball, football, soccer and hockey.

How about sports trading cards? They're small to store as
inventory and inexpensive to ship, which makes them a good
mail order product.

A quick peek at Overture reveals that searches in April 2003
for 'baseball cards' exceeded 42,000, 'sport cards' had
10,338 queries and 'sports memorabilia' was searched for
10,649 times.

Come up with a list of highly targeted keywords and you'll
soon reach that lofty number of 800,000 .... but all of whom have a
specific focus, and a PROVEN interest in your product.

Set yourself apart even further.

Rather than competing directly with ten or twenty
advertisers at Overture who also sell trading cards, you
could write a report or small ebook called "Collectors
Secrets Revealed: How to Make a Fortune with Sports Trading
Cards". Not only would you sell the report from your own
site, you could also joint venture with some of those other
advertisers and have them promote your report on their
sites. Everybody wins!

After the ball is rolling on your sports card trading site,
it's time to build another niche site in a non-competing
topic. And then another. The key to success for small online
businesses is to build a number of highly targeted sites
across a diverse array of topics. Therefore, if one topic
experiences a seasonal or market-induced drop in traffic,
the others will continue to generate income.

Yes, the niche marketing method requires somewhat more
effort than building one site with a hundred banners, but
it's also the method that makes a profit. Either way takes
work - you might as well make your work profitable.

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